Sunday, May 20, 2012

Students arrive

Most students have arrived and are already enjoying the sunny weather. Soon we will start to upload video of all of the activities.


  1. We arrived safe in Greece yesterday and are already enjoying the beautiful weather. Classes begun this morning and we are learning about the culture of Greece. The professor outlined our objectives for the project and we're excited to be part of expanding our MBA program. Our group took a stroll through the city of Glyfada and are enjoying the sites. We're all looking forward to our first trip into Athens tonight!!! We look forward to posting our pictures in the upcoming days for you all to enjoy!

  2. Tuesday in Greece... We met early to discuss international business and the country risks associated with a transnational corporation. In order to better understand Greece business we analyzed their economic, political and social conditions. It is extremely interesting to see the country's collectivism in action. We took a tram ride down to Parliament to experience the culture firsthand and spent the rest of the day in Athens. We're excited to head to Delphi tomorrow. More to come....